IT Tutoring

IT tutoring was one of the most popular services of the NISGTC grant. This service was free and designed to help students be successful in their coursework.

NISGTC tutors' assistance to students in beginning and advanced information technology (IT) courses was an extraordinary service not previously offered at the consortium colleges. Many colleges offer tutoring services, but IT-specific tutoring is, in fact, rarely offered at two- or four-year colleges.

The location of NISGTC's free tutoring in open labs or visible study rooms made it easy for students to ask questions and seek help before they fell behind in their networking, programming, geographic information systems, or cybersecurity courses.

In addition to working with students individually, tutors hosted group study sessions and assisted with group projects. At Collin College, alone, 220 students accessed tutoring services through 1,561 one-on-one appointments just from Spring 2014 through Fall 2015. This preemptive intervention helped NISGTC participants at all partner colleges stay on track and complete certificates and degrees.