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Partner Colleges

This grant was awarded to Collin College (lead), Bellevue College, Bunker Hill Community College, Del Mar College, Moraine Valley Community College, Rio Salado College and Salt Lake Community College.

Each college led efforts based on its strengths, and all colleges depended on the leadership of others in the consortium. More specifically, Collin College, who was the lead of the overall grant, also had a focus of Networking and Data Communications and the creation of the BILT, Bellevue College's strength was Programming and Mobile Applications, Bunker Hill Community College's focus was Programming, both Del Mar College's and Salt Lake Community College's strengths were Geospatial Technology, Moraine Valley Community College's was Cybersecurity and the creation of the Virtual Labs, and Rio Salado College was responsible for the uploading and delivery of all online curriculum developed by the grant partners.

Participants (students) who took part in the grant at partner colleges and their affiliates had access to a great array of incentives, that included career coaches, a state-of-the-art virtual lab, mentor relationships, private IT tutoring, special advising, new and updated curriculum, internships and more.