About us.

Mission and Vision

The NISGTC consortium was created to meet industry’s needs for an educated and prepared Information Technology (IT) workforce. The National Information, Security, and Geospatial Technology Consortium (NISGTC), a national consortium of community colleges comprised of award-winning National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Centers and other leading colleges and national strategic partners, came together to expand and enhance a variety of best-in-class education and training strategies to help trade-impacted and other low-skilled workers persist, complete post-secondary education and secure employment with family sustaining wages in the IT industry. This included military veterans, those under-represented in IT (typically women and ethnic minorities), TAA (Trade Adjustment Act) who are U.S workers who have lost or may loose their jobs as a result of foreign trade, as well as tradtional and non-traditional students.

The colleges within the NISGTC consortium met national industry’s near-term needs for an educated and prepared workforce by:

  1. Working integrally with national businesses to identify the requisite knowledge areas for certificate and degree graduates to be readily employable,
  2. Aligning curriculum to cover the requisite knowledge areas,
  3. Implementing virtual laboratory equipment to mirror the world of work in IT and to provide 24/7 laboratory access,
  4. Offering as much of the curriculum as possible in an online modality,
  5. Providing specialized tutoring, career coaching, mentoring, and placement services to improve student outcomes
  6. Implementing other cutting edge pedagogical and content interventions to help students better prepare for the world of work.