Story Cont.

Jonathan Maples, Collin College

It seems the possibilities are endless for twenty-three year old Jonathan Maples. With one semester remaining for completing an Associate’s degree, Jonathan attended a NISGTC IT job fair where he landed a job at Fujitsu America.

He is now working remotely from the Staples Command Center to repair and configure hardware that is distributed nationwide in every Staples store and is the youngest employee in his office by twenty years.

Jonathan began his IT journey at an early age. Encouraged by his father, a computer hobbyist, Jonathan took IT classes in his high school career center, earned an A+ certification and built a custom computer.

During his time at Collin College, Jonathan accepted an entry-level call center position for and with the combination of his gregarious personality and computer knowledge was quickly promoted to IT trainer within 6 months.

“Do anything for free, just to get experience,” advises Jonathan. “If you combine a degree with experience, you are golden. Don’t be shy when first meeting people even though that is the hardest thing for computer people.”

Jonathan’s future plans include pursuing a Bachelor of Arts and opening his own business in Esports (online video game team). He would also love to work for Valve Software as a project manager or producer of a major title.