Story Cont.

Daniel Foster, Moraine Valley Community College

After receiving my undergraduate degree in English-Fiction Writing, I began managing the restaurant I had begun working at when I was 16. It got me through high school and through college. Then, not sure what to do next with a degree not specifically tailored for a particular career path, it got me through a few years of transitional time while deciding what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Eventually, I narrowed my options down to two: teaching—what I’d majored in as an undergrad, or exploring a new field—technology specifically, which had always been an interest and hobby. I began with secondary education, taking courses and working toward my graduate degree. Though I loved the art and act of teaching, after several semesters I realized that the profession was not for me. It was at this point that I entered Moraine Valley. An old friend from high school had been through the LAN program a few years earlier, was working in the field and loving it, and had nothing but praise for the school, the classes, and the faculty.

Now entering my fourth (and last) semester at Moraine Valley, I am pursuing both the IT Security and Voice and Data Specialist Associate Degree programs. After my second semester, I was selected with a group of fellow students by the DOL Student Success Team to participate in technical interviews with Dell SecureWorks. The team had a former student and current employee of the company come out and help prepare us for the interview, as well as give information on the company and the field itself. I applied for and was admitted into the DOL IT Professional Development Cohort. Through this cohort I learned and practiced a great deal of skills, including interviewing, communication, resume writing, and personal branding skills. All of these came in handy when I was contacted by SecureWorks and entered into their interview process.

"I know that without the help and support of everyone at the college, I might not have found myself presented with such a great opportunity."

I am now a member of SecureWorks’ Security Services team, which combines the customer service skills I developed over the long course of my restaurant work with the baseline of knowledge I’ve gained in security classes at Moraine Valley. It has proven to be a great starting point to entering the field. I know that without the help and support of everyone at the college, I might not have found myself presented with such a great opportunity. From here, I plan to complete my degrees, acquire more certifications, and continue learning as much as possible on the job and on my own so I can continue growing, and continue moving forward.